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J.T. Francis American Collection is now partnering with HISTORICAL AMERICANA to bring you the finest quality of Antique American Flags & Americana available today.

We carry an exclusive selection of fine Early American Antiques carefully selected for their exceptional form, fine finish and unique provenance. Here you will find American style in all its many forms, from antique American flags, political banners and memorabilia to fine folk art, whaling related items, game boards, artwork, trade signs, weathervanes, furniture and artwork.

These flags were so important to these soldiers not merely from a patriotic sense, but also from a functional point as well. Flags gave the individual units their identity and spirit.
To put it in simple terms, basically each individual army regiment, regardless of side, was about 1,000 soldiers at full strength. Each of these regiments was authorized to carry two primary flags, some would however carry more such as a state-related flag as well.

For the Union, the regiment would have carried a national flag (Stars and Stripes) and a regimental flag. The regimental flag would have been unique and designed and marked for that individual regiment. Most Union regimental flags had the Union Coat of Arms on it (The Eagle and Shield), but they also had their regimental identification on it such as the 42nd New York Volunteers. Many of these Union flags were made of fine material such as silk and were ornately designed by professional manufacturers such as Tiffany in New York. Units also carried smaller “camp flags,” flank markers, guide flags, signal flags, guidons, etc. but in the scope of the primary flags, the smaller flags are another story in themselves.