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The Forster Revolutionary War Flag-Why didn't it sell?



As of this writing, today had one of the more devastating auction results in American Historical Flag History. I, along with many others witnessed the Doyle Auction House of New York’s failure to sell one of the most prolific American flags to-date, "The Forster Flag."
This auction was herald to be the "World Series" of American Flag auctions, and like the Worlds Series, spectators anticipate an outstanding finish.  It was not to be the case watching this auction on April 9, 2014. I experienced an incomprehensible feeling of helplessness today after watching the "Forster Flag's" failure to surpass $ 375,000.00 before the hammer dropped.
As an avid American Flag enthusiast, collector and dealer I have examined, collected, and sold some of the most sought after American flags to-date, several of which are proudly displayed in two of the largest private American Flag collections on line.
The last event I attended with this degree of greatness was Freeman's auction of the USS Constitution Colors. Watching an auction of this caliber could only be appreciated by standing in that arena of phone bidders, on line bidders, floor bidders and by listening to the cadence of an auctioneer’s count as he is spurting out numbers one could most likely imagine the feeling being close to hearing your numbers being read on a winning Lottery Ticket.

Non the less the Forster Flag is an incredible part of our American History.

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